Andrew Ryan Austin


Singer, Songwriter, DJ

"Andrew Ryan Austin aka DJ FUNK ATX, weaves a tapestry of musical and cultural influences into his artistry, an emblematic figure in the world of music and turntables in ATX"
- Austin Monthly

Blending Beats, Tech, and Dreams in Austin

In the heart of Austin’s bustling music scene, there’s a guy who’s really shaking things up. Meet Andrew Ryan Austin, better known to club-goers as DJ FUNK ATX. His story isn’t just about dropping beats; it’s about mixing his love for music with a knack for tech, and frankly, he’s nailing it. 

Picture a young boy, just nine years old, already lost in the world of poetry. Those early days, playing around with words and rhythms, weren’t just child’s play – they laid the groundwork for his future in music. 

He wasn’t content with just jamming in his bedroom, though. Hungry for more, Andrew dove into music head-on at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas, coming out in 2012 not just with a degree but with a deep, almost nerdy love for music theory and composition.

From the Garage to the Spotlight

Andrew’s journey in music really kicked off in the lively Austin scene. He started out as the guy on the bass guitar, blending into various pop bands. But soon enough, he found his true groove as a vocalist. Talk about a game-changer! His solo gig started with a bang – his first single, “Austin Radiance Reverie,” was a heartfelt melody that struck a chord with fans far and wide. 

Tech Whiz by Day, DJ by Night

But Andrew’s not just about music. By day, he’s diving into the tech world, running a music tech startup that’s so hush-hush, it’s like something out of a spy movie. At the same time, he’s juggling a gig as a Product Manager at Indeed, showing off his sharp, analytical mind. Come nightfall, though, he’s DJ FUNK ATX, lighting up Austin’s nightlife with a cocktail of sounds that gets everyone moving.

And it’s not all about the beat. Andrew’s also a die-hard Manchester United fan, showing that his passions go beyond the turntable. His love for the team ties him to fans worldwide, proving he’s got a foot in both the local and global scenes.

The Man Behind the Music

At the end of the day, Andrew Ryan Austin, aka DJ FUNK ATX, is more than just a label. He’s a guy who’s stayed true to his roots while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of music and tech. He’s not just chasing dreams; he’s living them, inspiring folks all over to get up and dance to the beat of their own ambitions.

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